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Diving in Croatia

Diving in Croatia has long been available to almost everybody. It is distinguished by the fact that even at relatively shallow depths one can find the remnants of anchorages and harbours, ancient settlements or villas. Most underwater archaeological sites date back to Antiquity and the Roman period. Divers have a unique opportunity to have a closer look at the valuable items that have been lying on the seabed for centuries or even millennia. In addition, the Adriatic Sea abounds in coral and other interesting plant and animal species. One of the most valuable items that can be found on the Adriatic seabed is the amphora.

We definitely recommend diving in Cavtat, because the area offers great possibilities for both day and night diving. The waters off Cavtat are home to one of the most beautiful Dalmatian archipelagos and a rich amphora site. It is estimated that there are approximately a thousand amphorae left over from ancient shipwrecks. There is also a site with Ancient Greek pithoi (containers). In the immediate vicinity of Cavtat, near the small islands of Mrkan, Bobara and Supetar, there are some valuable underwater archaeological sites which are the largest and most attractive in the Adriatic and among the largest in the entire Mediterranean area.

After enjoying the beautiful natural landscapes in the surroundings of Cavtat, why not explore its seabed too? Diving in Croatia is a popular activity, and the waters off Cavtat abound in attractive diving sites. Tourist divers who would like to explore the seabed in search of amphorae, can do so in a diving centre that has been accredited for diving excursions to archaeological sites. Individual diving in archaeological sites is strictly forbidden in Croatia.

If you are an experienced diver, or you have acquired basic diving skills in a diving school, we recommend diving to a sunken ancient ship that was carrying amphorae. At a depth of 25-30 m, there are valuable archaeological sites with more than 1,800 amphorae and pithoi. If you decide to go diving in Cavtat, you can also visit wonderful underwater walls that sometimes reach depths of 100 metres, and some fascinating underwater caves. Thanks to the transparency of the sea, your diving experience will be a truly memorable one.

There are numerous attractive sites for active diving in Croatia. Dive into the waters off Cavtat, explore its secrets and become acquainted with a completely different world...

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