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Sea kayaking in Cavtat

Would you like to escape to a secluded pebble beach that is only accessible by boat and where you can spend some time on your own? Sea kayaking in Cavtat is a great way to leave the crowded beaches behind and swim in the wonderful crystal clear sea, explore the caves on the coast and admire underground springs. The Adriatic Sea is perfect for kayaking. High and low tide are regular and almost imperceptible. Strong currents are rather rare, as are high waves. The neighbouring islands are wonderful and provide the perfect background for sea kayaking.

Sea kayaking is an original and exciting way of getting to know the wider coastal area of Cavtat. We particularly recommend organised kayak trips that include fishing and bird watching on the small islands of Mrkan and Bobar off the coast of Cavtat. Kayaks are very easy to handle and steer. They provide a unique freedom of movement, and you can also take your personal possessions and equipment with you.

Kayaks have existed since time immemorial in various forms and shapes. In recent times, technological progress has led to a new design combined with new materials and shapes. Today, there are several types of kayak, the most popular being Sit-In kayaks and Sit-On-Top kayaks. The difference between the two lies in the fact that from a Sit-On-Top kayak you can jump into the sea, take a swim and simply go back and continue paddling.

An active way to spend your holiday is definitely sea kayaking in Cavtat. It is the ideal choice for family fun, a sporting experience, or a combination of the two.

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